What does star level do in Clash Royale 2023?

Hello Clasher’s, Clash Royale has undoubtedly altered the game significantly between 2022 and 2023. There were lots of rumors like “Is Clash Royale Shutting Down in 2023?, Clash Royale 2v2 Removed in 2023, is Clash Royale dead”. However, all of these rumors are false, and people are still perplexed. Clashers are perplexed about “What Does Star Level Do in Clash Royale 2023?” in the absence of such rumors. This is a hot topic in the Clash Royale community.

So, today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Clash Royale Star Levels and what they do in the game through this blog.

What does star level do in Clash Royale 2023?

Clash Royale’s new Level system, Star Level, allows you to unlock cosmetic features for your cards. The Star Level unlocks a new cosmetic skins for your Clash Royale Cards. The way it works is that once you reach King Tower Level 13 (the maximum King Tower in Clash Royale), wasting the experience will be converted to Star Points, which you can then spend to upgrade the Star Level of your Max Level Card, unlocking additional cosmetic features such as troops skin and more!

There are total 3 Star Level per card. Starting with 1 Star Level, you will be unlocking cool deploy effects and Gold Boarder in Card. At Star Level 2, you will be unlocking some enhancements for the cards. Lastly, in Star Level 3 takes that even a step further.

Currently, not all the cards have all 3 Star Level in Clash Royale but soon they will added for all cards.

This is the cool feature to separated the max level card from un-max level card in Clash Royale.

How can you earn Star Points in Clash Royale 2023?

In Clash Royale, there are two ways to earn Star Points. First, When your profile reaches King Tower Level 6, you will be able to obtain Star Level from chests you open.
The number of Star Points you can get from chests is determined by the rarity of the card that grants you points. Star Points you can earn based on the rarity of the card you receive.
The second method is that when your profile reaches King Tower Level 13, your Experience level will be maxed, so the more experience you receive will be converted into Star Points. That’s all!

How can you upgrade Clash Royale star levels?

Launch Clash Royale and go to the Cards section.
Choose the card whose Star Level you want to raise.
When you get to this page, you’ll notice a Star Points upgrade option.
If you have the necessary number of Star Points, you can upgrade the star level of that specific card by clicking on the button.

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