Clash Royale Season 43 with Frost Festival and Super Ice Golem Available Now

Pic via: Clash Royale

Pic via: Clash Royale

Clash Royale Season 43 is now available Now with Frost Festival Theme with Super Ice Golem, 2 Tower Skin, 5 New Emotes and Banner.

Pic via: Clash Royale

This will be the Clash Royale 2023 First Update in the game with Brand New Season 43 Frost Festival. In this Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival

Pic via: Clash Royale

Kicking off the New Year with Clash Royale Season 43 is now available in the game. You Can Purchase brand new Clash Royale Season 43 from Official Clash Royale Shop.

In the Clash Royale Season 43, you will able to play with brand new Clash Royale Super Ice Golem. This is the super or you can say mega version of Ice Golem in the game.

The unique specialties of this Super Ice Golem is when this Super Ice Golem Die, it will splash freeze other near units also. Same like Mega Knight

Clash Royale Season 43 introduce Brand New Ice Golem Tower Skin in Royale Pass. You can purchase it from Clash Royale Shop at $4.99 and able to get access of this Skin.

With the New Clash Royale Season 43, You will be able to get new Skin Tower except from Royale Pass. You can buy brand new Year of the Rabbit Tower Skin from Clash Royale Shop.

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