Clash of Clans Fear to Stache is Available with Free Book of Fighting Reward

Hello Clashers, Clash of Clans is Finally back with brand new Event in the game called “Fear to Stache”.

This is the recently introduce new event after the end of Clan Capital Raid in Clash of Clans.

The brand New Fear to Stache event is fully dedicated to recently implemented Super Troop called “Super Miner”.

Description Undermine your opponents and blast your way through their Villages when you use Super Miners during this event!

Reward If your able to complete “Fear to Stache” event then you will be rewarded by 800 Experience Level and 1 Book of Fighting.

Schedule The Clash of Clans Fear to Stache Event will be available from 11th of January 2023 to 23rd of January.

Requirement You must use 1 Super Miner and win Multiplayer Battle

You can read Full details on Below Link