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Brawl Stars Season 16 with Candyland is Available Now!

Brawl Stars Season 16 with Candyland is Available Now!

The brand New Brawl Stars Season 16 with Candyland is now Available in the game. The Brawl Stars Season 16 will be the first major update from Brawl Stars in 2023.

In this Brawl Stars Season 16, you will get different skins, new brawler, Candy Brawl Profile Picture etc. after purchasing Brawl Pass in the game.

Starting 2023 with Brawl Stars Season 16 plus Candyland is now officially Available in the game. You can freely Brawl now in #Candyland and defeat the enemies. Here are the more details of Season 16:

Candyland is fully made of chocolates, lollypop, candy and more sweets. Its full of sweet things around. It will be interesting to brawl now in such sweet Candyland.

GummyBear Nita is fully made of Gummy which is also called Jelly. It look so much delicious to watch cute Nita in Gummy Outfit. She look perfectly matchup with Gum.

Mandy is the brand new Brawler in Brawl Stars which is introduced on Season 16. She has long shooting ranger and she is also cheif of Star Park as mention in Brawl Talk.

Magma Mandy will be the First Mandy Skin in Brawl Stars. You can unlock this Monster Magma Mandy at Brawl Stars Season 16 Brawl Pass Tire 70.

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