Supercell Make Campaign is back with A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR SURGE!

The First Supercell Make Campaign returns after a long hiatus with A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR SURGE!

Hello Brawlers, Brawl Stars is still one of the most popular games in the year 2023. Fanarts are extremely popular in the Brawl Stars community. So Brawl Stars is organizing this campaign to adopt the Fans art in the game. The Supercell Make Campaign is back with A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR SURGE!, this will be the first Supercell Make Campaign in 2023.

As you may be aware, the most recent Brawl Stars Campaign, “ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE FRANK,” was introduced in July 2022. Lost Spirit Frank by Winkyxsq was the winner of ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE FRANK.

The upcoming A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR SURGE Supercell Make Campaign will be consider as one of the important campaign cause it will be the first Supercell Make Campaign for Brawl Stars.

Full Detail on Supercell Make Campaign “A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR SURGE!”


We all know Surge loves a good party, and no one else parties harder than pirates! So it’s up to you to create his looks for it! Master Gunner Surge, Sailor Surge, or even a cursed deep-sea Captain Surge! Now get your hook ready and start designing!



What makes a great Surge skin

Surge is the guardian Max and Meg summon when Super City is in danger. He’s also the one you can call whenever you are having a party… and conveniently enough, he’s also a vending machine full of Max Energy Drink. When designing a Surge Skin, you should have these items in mind:

Some really cool and powerful sunglasses/visors
He has four different forms based on his upgrades. Each upgrade should be a “stronger” version of his previous form
He gets a weapon at his maximum level
If his transformations visually communicate each of the upgrades (1 – speed, 2 – range, 3 – power) it’s definitely a plus!
Either reinforce his goofy/party animal nature or turn it on its head by making him look meaner, edgier or gloomier!

Surge has 4 different forms and he can upgrade himself with his Super. Each upgrade gives Surge a different enhancement: speed, range, and power. For his main attack he releases a dosage of Energy Drink that splits when hitting a target. As for his Super, he jumps into the air and upgrades himself. When landing, he deals damage around him and knock back enemies.



  • Front, side and back view of the character.
  • Size: 3456x2520px. Supported formats: jpg, .png


  • Catch your fans interest!
  • Size:728x780px. Supported formats: jpg, .png


  • Dynamic pose, highlight details, angles, work in progress etc.
  • Size: 3456x2520px. Supported formats: jpg, .png

Winner Rewards

If your skin is selected by the development team, you’ll get $2500, your skin in-game and the option to give away skins to your fans!


Campaign Announced

  • 10th January 09:00 UTC

Submissions Open

  • 12th January 09:00 UTC

Submissions Close

  • 16th February 08:55 UTC

Voting Open

  • 16th February 09:00 UTC

Voting Close

  • 2nd March 09:00 UTC

Winners Announced

  • 13th March 09:00 UTC


You can submit your art from

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