New Capital District Hint by Clash of Clans

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Hello Clasher’s, Clash of Clans Major Update is going to hit Update in the game. Usually Clash of Clans has major 4 updates, which are Summer Update, Winter Update, Autumn Update, and Spring Update. We are now about to get Winter Update in Clash of Clans. This are the major update in Clash of Clans, where the Winter Update has already began with Jolly Queen Skin. You can also check our Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks page for latest Coc Update Sneak Peeks. Today we are here to discuss about the New Capital District Hint by Clash of Clans through this blog.

New Capital District Hint by Clash of Clans

This was the picture where the main hint for New Capital District was started. This picture was officially posted by Clash of Clans and it look like a simple post but in reality, there is a small hint for New Capital District is insert in Sneaky way.

On December 2, 2022 Clash of Clans share this post where it is clearly mention that the new Capital Raid Weekend is going to be start but while watching closely, there is a small hint for New Capital District in this Picture.

Hint for New Capital District

It is obvious to see that there are a total of 6 Capital Districts in Clash of Clans. And in this image, add troops from Clash of Clans that may be unlocked for each Capital District. As an example, Super Barbarians can be unlocked in Barbarian Camp District, Super Wizard in Wizard Valley, Flying Fortress in Balloon Lagoon, Super P.E.K.K.A in Builder’s Workshop, Super Dragon in Dragon Cliffs, and Mountain Golam in Mountain Quarry. However, while keeping an eye on a small area next to Mountain Quarry, there is something suspicious that may be a hint at Clan Capital’s New Capital.

Yes, you’re right; in Clash of Clans, it’s a clue at New Capital District. This was included by Clash of Clans to inform us of the game’s hint about a future update. It’s a cemetery, and this is where the New Capital District will be located.

We are aware that you are eager to learn more about the New Capital District, but as of right now, we are in the dark. With only these hints, Clash of Clans teases us. To give you a better idea of the upcoming New Capital District, we have some assumptions about this New Capital District.

Assumption On New Capital District

A graveyard can be seen in the clue and is a clear allusion to the skeleton. There may be a new Capital District with a skeleton concept. Skeleton Valley can be the name of the district. Comment here with your opinion of whether Skeleton Valley is a fitting name or not. We used to be able to unlock new troops and spells when the new District was available. Therefore, it is obvious that we will receive troops and spells related to skeletons if this district adopts a skeleton theme. The best troop addition in my opinion is adding Giant Skeleton from Clash Royale, and the best spell for this new Capital District is Graveyard Spell from the same game.

(Note: This is just our Assumption only)

This summery is for the entire New District. I hope you find it entertaining. Additionally, you can like, share, and click the notification icon to never miss another article like this one. Gratitude to Clasher’s.

Clash on!

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