Meet Clash of Clans Super Miner

Hello Clasher’s, Clash of Clans has finally released brand new Super Troops in the game. This will be a part of Clash of Clans Winter Update 2022 and it will consider as the Sneak Peeks Part 1. This is the newest Super Miner with lil baby Fir-Sprite on the hat. We are so excited to reveal Clash of Clans Super Miner.

Official Video


Favourite TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement of SpeedReachSpecial Ability
AnySingle Damage2432Huge Explosion
CostUnlocked Level
25,000 Dark Elixir Miner Level 7
LevelDamage Per Second(DPS)Destruction Hit Point

Official Art

(Note: All the Pictures Credit goes to

GamePlay Pictures

Available Date

The Clash of Clans Super Miner update is available from 10th December 2022.


To Switch Miner to Super Miner it will take 25,000 Dark Elixir.

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