How to 3 Star 2023 Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a well-known online multiplayer game. Supercell introduces new events into the game every few days. Which players adore because they can take part in these events and win games, gold, elixir, and dark elixir These challenges are available to players for free. All they have to do is adjust their army to meet the challenges. This time, the game includes a new challenge called the Lunar New Year Challenge. In this challenge, a base is already provided, as are troops; however, the player can only use the troops provided by them; the player cannot use his army. This will provide them with magical items, resources, and experience points. This article discusses the new Lunar New Year Challenges and their associated rewards.

How to complete 2023 Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans

In this challenge, the base of the town hall 10 has to be destroyed with the help of an army composition of Lava Hound, Valkyries, Balloon, Healer and Heroes. Before attacking the base, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are air mines at some corners of the base which can kill our troops. That’s why before attacking, find out the mines position in base.

If your able to 3 Star Clash of Clans 2023 Lunar New Year Challenge then you will be rewarded with 400 Experience Level and 1x Shovel of Obstacles with 888,888 Gold, 888,888 Elixir and 8,888 Dark Elixir.

  • 3 Balloon: On 3 O’clock use 3 Balloon to track or to activate air trap and hidden tesla.
  • Random Trigger Trap: Use 1 balloon each on the 6,7 and 9 O’clock to trigger the air traps and hidden tesla.
  • Queen Walk: Use all healer with Queen Walk from 10 O’clock, activate some traps and pull all the air skeletons. Use poison for supports.
  • Valkyries: Use all the Valkyries and Rage Queen+Valkyriesfor massive destruction.
  • Use Barbarian King on the Bottom Left side to clear the bases.
  • Keep Raging Queen and use Lava Hound on 9 O’clock with rest of the balloon.
  • Finally after applying this medthod perfectly you win battle easily.

That’s it!

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