Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival

The start of Clash Royale Season 43 coincided with the Frost Festival of the New Year 2023!

Hello Clasher’s, As you know New Year 2023 is beginning with Clash Royale Season 43 is coming soon in the game with end of Season 42. With the winter theme Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival in the game. The Clash Royale Season 43 bringing back with Ice Golem Theme. In this Season 43, You will get new card art update, 5 new emotes, 2 new tower skin and 38 banner skin.

With the addition of New Season 43, there will be no balance changes in the game. But there was a past balance changes on Mighty Miner an the balance change was applied on Thursday, 2022, December. The Clash Royale Season 43 will began from January 2nd, 2023, which is on Monday.

Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival

Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival
Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival

Season 43 Arena

The Cr Season 43 will get Frozen Peak Arena in January 2023.

Season 43 Tower Skin

In Clash Royale Season 43, you will be getting 2 Tower Skin. You will be getting Ice Golem Tower Skin and Lunar Tower Skin to celebrate 2023 New Year and Chinese Lunar New Year.

Season 43: Ice Golem Tower Skin

Ice Golem Tower Skin will be available on Clash Royale Season 43 in January 2023. You will be able to purchase this brand new Ice Golem Tower Skin in Pass Royale.

Ice Golem tower skin set. Pass Royale at Tier 10.

Ice Golem King Tower.

Ice Golem Princess Tower.

Season 43: Rabbit Tower Skin

With Clash Royale Season 43, the Chinese New Year Celebration began with Lunar New Year Update. In this Season 43, along with Ice Golem Tower Skin you will be getting Rabbit Tower Skin.

Year of the Rabbit tower skin set. In-App Purchase.

Year of the Rabbit King Tower.

Year of the Rabbit Princess Tower.

Season 43: Emotes

There will be total Five Emotes available on Season 43.

  • Ice Golem: Hi
  • Ice Golem: Smash
  • Ice Golem: Snow Pile
  • Rabbit: Dab
  • Rabbit: Thumbs Up

Season 43: Free Magic Item in Royale Pass

A Common Book of Cards at Tier 35 on the free track of Pass Royale.

Seasonal Global Tournaments and Challenges

  • January 2-8: Firecracker’s Fireworks Show
  • January 7-11: Royal Tournament
  • January 9-15: Super Ice Golem
  • January 16-22: Reflections in Ice (Global Clone)
  • January 21-25: Royal Tournament (Community Meta)
  • January 23-29: Balloon Festival 2v2
  • January 30 – February 5: Mega Draft

Party Mode

  • 2v2 Double Elixir: January 2-8
  • Classic Draft: January 9-15
  • Sudden Death: January 16-22
  • Mirror Battle: January 23-29
  • Heist: January 30 – February 5

New Loading Screen for Clash Royale Season 43

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When will be the Clash Royale Season 43 Available in the game?

Monday, January 2, 2023 will see the release of January Clash Royale Season 43.

What will appear in Clash Royale Season 43?

Clash Royale Season 43 Frost Festival will be available on upcoming season pass.

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