Clash Royale Season 42 Final Balance Changes

Clash Royale Season 42 Final Balance Changes
Clash Royale Season 42 Final Balance Changes

Hello Clash Royale Lover’s, Clash Royale December 2022 Season 42 Final Balance Changes is now available. As we know, we already got our first Season 42 Balance Changes few days ago and now this will be the second Clash Royale Season 42 Balance Changes. We are here to provide the Final Clash Royale Season 42 Balance Changes in details.

Clash Royale Season 42 Final Balance Changes

In this Season 42 Final Balance Changes we will get changes in Minion, Minion Horde, Mighty Miner, Phoenix, Monk, Goblin Hut, Rage and Lastly Lumberjack. Here are the full details:

Minion: Up

2Damage Level 11102117
3Damage Level 14135155

Minion Horde: Up

1Deploy Radius00.6
3Damage Level 11102117
4Damage Level 14135155
Minion Horde

(Minion Horde only) Increased deploy radius (more spread out Minions)


Minions have been struggling lately, so more Damage has been added to pick them over a cheaper, similar Damage card (like Bats). Minion Horde’s new radius should make it easier to surround Area Damage Troops (like Baby Dragon) and help keep more Minions in the Arena after such interactions.

Mighty Miner: Up

Movement Speed: Medium > Fast


After his last nerf (and with Monk’s arrival) Mighty Miner has seen a noticeable decline in use. This buff allows him to reach Crown Towers more frequently.

Phoenix: Down

Hitpoints: -13%


This nerf provides more counterplay (Lightning now destroys Phoenix) and decreases the overall strength of the card.

Monk: Down

Elixir cost: 4 > 5


Monk is the strongest Champion right now, so this change adds a much needed variety in Elixir costs across Champions.

The card cost increase keeps the Pensive Protection ability at 1 Elixir, allowing it to be more accessible and forgiving for players while increasing the overall Elixir commitment of playing the card.

Goblin Hut: Rework

  • Spear Goblins spawned per wave: 1 > 3 (0.5sec between each spawn)
  • Lifetime: 31sec > 29sec
  • Spawn Frequency: 4sec > 10sec
  • Spear Goblins total: 11 > 12


The Barbarian Hut rework has worked well, so we are doing it here too! Spawning units in stronger, less frequent waves, allows the first Troops spawned to tank for the others.

This increases the overall offensive potential of the card (more units appearing at the same time provides instant value and ignoring a wave will be more costly for a defender). On the other side, when facing Goblin Hut, the time between waves should be long enough to allow for effective counters.

Rage: Rework

Coming Soon!

Lumberjack: Rework



  • Added Damage (scales with Card Level)
  • Smaller radius
  • Fixed Duration (no longer scales with Card Level)

(The above changes to Rage also apply to Lumberjack’s Rage spell)


Rage has always had a problem with the nature of its upgrades – they are quite weak at lower Card Levels and very strong at higher Card Levels, where its Duration increases considerably.

With this rework we aim to remove the unsustainable Duration increases while giving competition to other low-cost Spells.

In the process we hope to make Rage a much more versatile and fun card to play with and less of a one-trick.

These are the whole Balance Changes we can see in Season 42. Thank You for reading our articles. Hope you enjoy reading it. Dont forget to Subscriber our Newsletter and share this post in your social media handle.

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