Clash Royale Pass Royale

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Pass Royale grants you extra rewards as you progress through the Season. When you activate Pass Royale, you instantly unlock exclusive perks, like unlimited retries in Special Challenges, the ability to queue Chests, and even a golden username!

Pass Royale is only available through in-app purchases. It expires at the end of each Season, so, secure enough time to complete them before purchasing.

When is the next Clash Royale Season 44?

The Next Clash Royale Season or Royale Pass will be Clash Royale Season 44 which will be available on February 4th to March 5th. Clash Royale Pass Royale or Season Pass is usually available first weeks of every month.

When will the next Clash Royale Pass Royale starts?

The next upcoming Clash Royale Season 44 will start from February 4th and it will end on 5th of March 2023.

What were the previous Clash Royale Pass Royale?

Here is the Previous Clash Royale Pass Royale or Season Pass was Clash Royale Season 43.

What will the Upcoming Clash Royale Pass Royale?

The Upcoming Clash Royale Season 44 will be began from 2023 February 4th but there is no leak related to Upcoming Tower Skins and Theme.