Clash Royale January 2023 Optional Update!

After 2023 Begins, Resolving the issue and improving the game performance Clash Royale January 2023 Optional Update is Available Now!

Hello Clasher’s ,Clash Royale has seen numerous bugs and issues since the start of the 2023 New Year, and there are many areas that still need to be rectified. The January 2023 Optional Update for Clash Royale is finally available in your App Store or Play Store.

On 4th January, Clash Royale released January 2023 Optional Update that contains a list of fixes that will resolve a lot of issues and improve game performance on various devices.

The Optional Update can be found in your relevant App store or Play Store- please make sure to update to enjoy the best possible experience with Clash Royale!

Clash Royale January 2023 Optional Update Patch Note:

  • Fixed an out-of-sync issue when using Champions Ability.
  • Fixed the Maintenance screen not loading.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to join Clans.
  • Fixed Past Wars info screen.
  • Fixed the Rage in-game visual to match the duration of the Spell.
  • Rage is now displayed as a Spell in the Card info screen.
  • Numerous back-end improvements and optimizations.

This was the overall Patch Note for Clash Royale 4th January 2023 Optional Update Patch Note. I hope you enjoy reading it. You can also Read “Is Clash Royale Shutting Down in 2023?“. Until Then, Clash On!

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