Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery Review

Hello Clasher’s, Welcome back to Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery Review blog post. Yes, i know I’m bringing back again Clash of Clans Scenery Review and today I’m talking about Shadow Scenery. One of my favorite scenery’s is the Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery, and talking about this stunning scenery makes me feel comfortable. Although there are many different types of scenery, Shadow Scenery holds a very unique place in my heart. This article will contain all the secrets of Clash of Clans’ Shadow Scenery.

Review of the Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery

One of the most rare scenery, in my opinion, is the Clash of Clans Shadow scenery. This scene has a grim theme that somehow alludes to battle and a dark magical universe. This scenery is encircled by lava on all sides and is full of interesting objects, including statues. Unfortunately, this scenery in Clash of Clans is not a legendary scenery even though it ought to be.

Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery Review

While talking about Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery, this scenery is the darkest theme scenery in Clash of Clans Home Village. This scenery is even darker than Clash of Clans Tiger Mountain Scenery. This dark theme is perfectly suitable for Shadow Scenery. While Moving on the Top side of this scenery, there is a teleportation, where it seems like some unknown creatures used to teleport to Shadow Scenery. This is the first Scenery where we can see Teleportation Port. As near to Teleportation port, there we can find a huge Dark with Golden Color Dragon Scenery. While this big Dragon Statue is the main attraction of this scenery. The Big Dragon Statue is the heart-stealing thing in Shadow Scenery. The finest part of this scenery is undoubtedly the lava that is erupting from the gigantic dragon statue.

The left half of the scenery contains some amazing old historic structures. There is a sizable Gate that serves to sort of indicate the way to new locations. In the enormous gate, we can also observe a statue of a dragon. There are numerous steps and unidentified buildings. The historic structures also have a lot of fire that is still burning.

There are several dragon statues in this scenery. Lava is coming out of the mouths of the four dragons on the right side of this scenery. A Baby Dragon Statue is also present close to those four dragon statues. The large gate or door on the right side is what really grabs my all attention. It appears that the Door will open and let someone or some unknown creatures out.

Additionally, “Epic Drum Music” is the custom background music for this shadow scene. This scenery also includes a custom boat and a boat made by a master builder, however there are no custom items for the Clan Capital Stuffs. Furthermore, the gaming area, the grass, and the parallax effects in this scenery are all bespoke. This scenery was available in the Clash of Clans Shop on April 20, 2022, and it cost $6.99.


In the end, I truly enjoy writing about Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery Review since I keep falling in love with this incredible Scenery. The Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery was made exclusively for fans of dark themes and includes everything associated with such themes. Investing in and embellishing the community is definitely worthwhile. I’ll strongly advise you to buy this scenery. The Clash of Clans Shadow Scenery Review is now complete. Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed it. I’m grateful.

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