Clash of Clans Jungle Queen Skin Review

Hello Clasher’s, We’re back with another Skin Review article, and this time it’s about the Clash of Clans Jungle Queen skin. Despite the fact that Clash of Clans has added a large number of Hero skins, Jungle Queen is one of my personal favorites. We’ll go over all the details for Clash of Clans Jungle Queen today.

Clash of Clans Jungle Queen Skin Review

However, in my opinion, this skin ought to have its own legendary Archer Queen Skin. This skin is equipped with everything needed for a legendary skin. The entire Jungle Theme is used to create the Clash of Clans Jungle Queen skin. The name of this Queen Skin, “Jungle Queen,” is a reference to Queen Skins that are rooted in the jungle. Snake Skin is the sole inspiration behind Clash of Clans Jungle Queen. The First Reptile Queen Skin is visible in the game. Starting at the top, this queen wears a crown made of expensive red rubies set in gold. The Queen of Snake is referenced by the Rubi. Look closely at the eyes of this Queen Skin; they resemble snake eyes. Take a close look at this Queen Skin’s eyes; they resemble those of a snake. I adore the intricate detailing Clash of Clans put into this skin. I adore the snake’s eyes hidden beneath this skin.

There are a ton of golden ornaments visible in this skin. The neck ornament has one more Rubi. Additionally, the belt, the hand armor, and the head crown all have embellishments. Further, the tail of this Archer Queen is the skin’s biggest selling point. In this Archer Queen Skin, we can clearly see a genuine Snake Tail. This Queen Tail’s detailing is incredible. The Archer Queen appears to be a hybrid of snake and human. A magical snake who was both human and snake according to a myth existed. In this Queen Skin, this is the ideal illustration. In the gameplay as well we can see the Same Snake Crawling animation in this Archer Queen Skin.

This skin’s primary hues are blue and purple, with golden accents. The blue shade complements this Queen Skin beautifully. Moving on to this Queen Skin’s weapon, a golden X-bow with some wooden components. Additionally, there haven’t been many alterations made to the bow or the original design.

Skin Concepts and Artworks

All the credit for these Skin Concepts belongs to Ocellus, who either created it or used it. We can observe how they created this skin through their concept art process. I have to respect how unusual this skin is. For the Archer Queen Skin, we can see several savage skin parts that correspond to the jungle theme. No. 23 was for me one of the most amazing skin concepts. Take a look at the concept art; dude, Ocellus did some sick work on that.



In the end, I had a great time reviewing this fantastic Hero Skin and kept falling in love with the concept artist’s masterpiece. The Clash of Clans Jungle Queen Skin was made specifically with the Forest theme in mind and includes all things Snake and Jungle related. Buying it is definitely worthwhile. You should definitely buy this Skin, in my opinion. The Clash of Clans Jungle Queen Skin review is now complete. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews. I’m grateful.

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Is Clash of Clans Jungle Queen is Legendary Skin?

No, its not a legendary skin in Clash of Clans.

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