Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3 Full Details

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Hello Clasher’s, The most awaited “Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3” has arrived in the game. To commemorate this major Christmas event in the game, the Jolly Clashmas Challenges are introduced. Where Clashers are given unique challenges to participate in, and as a reward, they receive beautiful Christmas gifts. Through this blog, we will discuss “Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3” full details.

Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3

The Third Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge features the Coc Jolly Scenery for the Second time. As we might now know, the Clash of Clans Jolly Scenery and Jolly Champion are also introduced in the game. This is full of Jolly theme challenges in the game. There is alot of Candy sign in the base layout. Full of Christmas celebration in Clash of Clans.

This will be the one of the Longest challenge ever in Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas with hogs destruction troops. To complete Coc Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3 you will get 3 Barbarians(Level 11), 3 Archer(Level 11), 3 Gaint(Level 11)), 3 Super Goblin(Level 8), 3 Goblin(Level 8), 4 Super Wall Breaker(Level 11), 3 Wizar(Level 11), 20 Hog Rider(Level 11), 2 Head Hunter(Level 3), Barbarian Kin With Yak(Level 85), Archer Queen with Unicon(Level 85), Grand Warden with Frosty(Level 60) and Diggy with Royale Champion(Level 35). Along with Troops, you will get 3 Santa Spell(Level 11), 1 Freeze Spell(Level 7), 1 Earthquake Spell(Level 5), 1 Heal Spell(Level 9) and 1 Poison Spell(Level 9).

Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3 will feature Brand New Town Hall 15 with some defense like 4 Eagles Ateliers, X-bows, Inferno Tower, Monolith etc with other buildings. It will be the interesting challenge without Siege Machine.

As you might know, Clash of Clans each challenge include 3 stars. So we are getting 3rd Clash of Clans Clashmas Jolly Challenge, that means after 3staring this challenge you will be able to get 9 Stars. So after completing Coc Clashmas Jolly Challenge 3, you will be able to unlock Clan House Roof option.


This was the full details on Clash of Clans Jolly Clashmas Challenge 3 event. I hope you enjoy reading it. Also make sure you have eye on our Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks for latest Update on Clash of Clans. Lastly you can subscribe our website to never miss our latest contain. Thank you!

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