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Clash of Clans February 2023 Valentines Season: Beast King and Heart Hunter Queen

Hello Clashers, Clash of Clans is celebrating the 2023 Valentine Season with introducing Beast King and Heart Hunter Queen in the month of February. Its the Season of Valentines in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans February 2023 Beast King Gold Pass Hero Skin

The Clash of Clans Beast King Skin was available as February 2023 Gold Pass Hero Skin in the game. The Beast King was available on February 1 to 30 as Gold Pass Hero Skin.

Beast King’s appearance are quite dangerous, and he appears to be a monster in his outfits costume. With the green skin tone, the monster teeth appear even more dangerous. The Beast King appears savage with a monster or animal-type breed.

The Green costume with the green costume outfit is perfectly matched with Beast King. The Sword is also perfectly matched with the Beast King.

Clash of Clans Heart Hunter Queen Skin

The Valentine love season is symbolized by the Clash of Clans Heart Hunter Queen. She is using Google’s heart shape and the Love structure X-Bow to hunt down the hearts of all Heroes and Troops in Clash of Clans. The Heart Hunter Queen has short Thai hair that complements her outfit perfectly. The Heart Hunter Queen swag with her babul-gum in Clash of Clans is so adorable to watch with her.

The Clash of Clans Heart Hunter Queen will be available on next week.

Until then, Clash On!

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