Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peek 1- X-mas Update

Hello Clasher’s, Finally Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peeks has already Started with December 2022 Jolly Queen Skin Gold Pass. While Clash of Clans personally love to hide little little Sneak Peeks hint in their Contain. We have suspected a lot of Sneak Peeks in Clash of Clans Jolly Queen 2022 December Gold Pass Skin. Today we are here to breakdown the Clash of Clans December Sneak Peeks through this blog.

Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peek 1- X-mas Update

X-mas Scenery

The new Christmas scenery from Clash of Clans has been added to the Jolly Queen video. A big Christmas gift package is visible in the background. This is official confirmation that the December 2022 – Winter Update of Clash of Clans will feature new Christmas scenery. This new background will be made available soon to celebrate Christmas with this X-mas Scenery!

This enormous Christmas edifice was also shown in the Jolly Queen Dream. This enormous structure will be a part of the holiday scenery. In this enormous structure, we can also view the Christmas decorations. Additionally, this structure is the residence of Santa Claus, as evidenced by Santa Claus Vechile on its left side. Further, behind the enormous building, there is also a gigantic confectionery.

In this Christmas scene, there will also be a lot of cookies. Many unidentified symbols are visible in the cookies. This Christmas scenery will rank among the most mouthwatering in Clash of Clans history.

2022 X-mas Tree

We are aware that every single year, Clash of Clans adds fresh Christmas trees as game obstacles. Following the same pattern, Clash of Clans will also this year introduce a new 2022 X-mas Tree as an obstacle. In the Jolly Queen video, we noticed four brand-new Christmas trees for 2022. White has been introduced to the read color theme in Clash of Clans this time. The 2022 Christmas Tree has a Santa Claus hat perched atop it. A target sign board is also used to decorate the tree. There is a lock with an unknown symbol inside the button. Regarding the lock specifics, I’m unsure.

2022 X-mas Snowman

We can spot a brand new Decoration items, as a snowman. We know its winter and snow fall is the best things in this climate. So to celebrate this winter, Clash of Clans will introduce this amazing statue in the game. This is a Snowman and it will appear as statue in Clash of Clans as X-mas Decoration items.

2022 X-mas Spell

As Usall, Clash of Clans will add a new Santa Spell to celebrate the Christmas. The Christmas spell will be the same as the past year. You can use the spell and opponent will get benefit them with this lil box with rewards of elixir.

X-mas Obstacles

Trust me, this is the most unknown things i have spotted in the Sneak Peeks video. It seems like its the broken vehicle of Santa Claus. This will be an Obstacles in Clash of Clans 2022 December X-mas Update.

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Well this is our Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peek 1- X-mas Update information. We really wanna clear that Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peek 1- X-mas Update is our own thoughts. Hope you enjoy reading our thought on Clash of Clans December 2022 Sneak Peek 1- X-mas Update. Thank You.

F.A.Q Section

What can we get in Clash of Clans 2022 December Update?

We have already got Clash of Clans Jolly Queen Skin as Sneak Peeks 1 for December. More On we will be getting Clash of Clans X-mas Scenery, Santa Surprise Spell, X-mas Tree, X-mas Snow Man, and more X-mas Obstacles.

From When Clash of Clans 2022 December Update began?

Clash of Clans 2022 December Update will began from From 1-2 weeks of December 2022.

Can we get snowfall in Clash of Clans 2022 December Update?

Yes, the Snowfall will be added in Clash of Clans 2022 December Update, but it will be optional where you can turn on or off as your wish.

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