Full Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022

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Hello Clasher’s, Finally the Full Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022 has been out with Clash of clans Winter Update 2022. We were so excited about the coc next updates cause its consider as one of the major update in the game. Obviously Coc December Update 2022 will be the last update in this year 2022 so it has vital role in the game. Today, through this blog we will be covering all the important news related to Clash of clans Christmas update 2022.

Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022 Details:

Christmas Tree or X-mas Tree 2022(Obstacle)

X-mass tree 2022
X-mass tree 2022

As same to previous year, we will be getting this brand new Coc X-mas Tree in 2022. To celebrate the Christmas event Clash of Clans will introduce this tree as X-mas Tree 2022. I hope you like this brand new 2022 X-mas tree. The Santa hat on the top of Coc Christmas 2022 tree is so cute.

Santa Spell (only for Christmas Event)

This is the brand new Santa Spell which will be available only to celebrate Christmas in Clash of Clans. This is an old traditional spell which were only introduced in Christmas. While you deploy this Santa Spell, it wil work as lighting spell but will low damage and in exchange the enemies will get some Santa Gift from this spell.

Ram Rider(Seasonal Troop)

We know Clash of clans has introduce many seasonal troops like Royal Ghost, Elprimo, Gaint Skeletins etc.and following the same pattern, this time in December Update or you can say Christmas update e will get Ram Rider as December Seasonal Troop.

Ram Rider is Officially from Clash Royale legendary card. This will be an epic to watch massive destruction troops to be introduced in Clash of Clans. We can also watch she is in Christmas Outfit.

Clashmas Challenges

Clashmas Challenges
Clashmas Challenges

In this Coc Christmas Update 2022 we will see the Challenges Event,which we have seen in Clash of clans 10th Anniversary. To celebrate this Christmas event Clash of Clans is introducing one more time challenges event. Its pretty simple, complete the challenge, gain the stars and unlock exclusive gifts.

In total there will be a 5 level, each one being released daily to celebrate coc Christmas event 2023. There are msny exclusive gifts like Capital Peek decoration roof, wall, huts, shlove of obstacles etc.

This was the Full Clash of Clans Christmas Upadte 2022 details. Updated by clicking left red Subscribe bell icon or keep visiting Our Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks page. Thank you

F.A.Q Section

When will the Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2022 take place?

On 12th December, 2022, the Clash of Clans Christmas Upadte 2022 will take place.

what will we get in Coc Christmas Update 2022?

We will be getting Xmas tree, Santa Spell, Ram Rider and Chris Challenges in this upcoming coc Christmas update 2022.

When is the Next Clash of Clans Update?

The Clash of Clans next Update will be Coc 2022 Christmas Update and it will take place on 12th December, 2022.

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