Clash of Clans 2022 Winter Update 1: Super Miner, and New Capital District Skeleton Park

Hello Clasher’s, Finally the wait is now over for Clash of clans 2022 Winter Update or you can also say Clash of clans December Update 2022. As we know that this will be the last major update for 2022 so it is considered as one of the major update in the game. In this Clash of clans 2022 Christmas Update, we will be getting New Super Miner, New Capital District: Skeleton Park, New Capitak Spell: Graveyard Spell, New Capital Troop: Inferno Dragon, Costumization for Capital Hall & more. We will be covering all the CocWinter Update 2022 through this blog:

Full Clash of clans 2022 Winter Update 1:

Skeleton Park

Skeleton Park is the brand new District in Clan Capital. This new Skeleton Park will unlocks tons of new features in Clan Capital, not only give acess to Graveyard Spell acess but also 2 brand new Defense and a new Troop.

Graveyard Spell

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Graveyard Spell

Graveyard Spell is the brand new for your Clan Capital. The housing spell for Graveyard Spell is 3 with 1 per Skeleton and remain active until the end of the next attack. And here is the fun part If the following unte is an air then it will spawn flying Skeleton. You can unlock Graveyard Spell only in Skeleton Park District.

Mini-Minion Hive & Reflector (2 Defenses)

Mini-Minion Hut and Reflector will be the 2 brand new defence introduced in Clan Capital.

Screenshot 20221209 185829 768x432 1
Mini-Minion Hive

Mini-Minion Hive is a huge Castle groups of Minion troop. Angry Minion attack ground and air unite.

Reflector dose not attack enemy per second. This defence will bounce enemy attack back at the attacker be a ground or air.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is a range flying troops with important focus attack. We have also seen Inferno Dragon already in home village so it will be comfortable for us to use this troops. This Inferno Dragon works as a same way to Home village Super Baby Dragon troop.

Customize Clan Capital

Who doesnt love personal touches on their Village?

Now there is a new way to customize your Clan Capital. You can now personalize your Clan House on Capital Peek. Now you can able to change the decoration, fencing, and roofing. Make it your clan home!

New Ranking System in Clan Capital

Clash of clans is finally adding ranking system for Capital Raids. While your Clan’s League won’t affect the rewards you get from Raids, you will earn more Clan XPby staying in higher leagues.

Super Miner

Screenshot 20221209 190124
Super Miner

Attacking at high speed, Super Miner uses his power dril to tear through opponent’s. Once defeated, Super Miner leaves a bomb behind. Just a little explosive gift for the above-ground folks.

New Single Player Campaign Level

There are nkw 15 brand-new levels, and some of them are pretty tough to attack.

Shovel of Obstacles (Quality of Life Change)

When you use a Shovel on obstacles, that obstacles now become permanently moveable.

This is just a Clash of Clans 2022 Winter Update 1. Stay tune for more content and make sure your checking our Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks page for latest update.

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