Clan Perks 0 Bugs in Clash of Clans at the end of 2022

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Clan Perks 0 Bugs in Clash of Clans
Clan Perks 0 Bugs in Clash of Clans

Hello Clasher’s, As we are aware, after the Clan Raid Weekend ends with addition of Clan Capital League there is major issue found in Clash of Clans. Clan Perks 0 Bugs in Clash of Clans has been found in most of the players account. This is one of the major trending issue in Clash of Clans Community right now.

Clan Perks 0 Bugs in Clash of Clans

As we know, Clash of Clans have add Clan Capital League in the game, which is a brand new trophy based systems like in Home village. Clash of Clans is making the UI System similar as home village. As we know, there is a trophy base in Home Village and Builder Base, so to make the user interface similar, Clash of Clans is adding Clan Capital League in the game. We have already publish articles on Clash of Clans Clan Capital League, make sure you read it properly.

Just recently, Clan Capital Raid Weekend ends up and after the Raid Weekend end, instantly this issue arise. Almost more then 90% of Clasher’s Clan Perks have been turned to 0. This might be because of implementing Clan Capital League in the game. There might be a coding issue in the game.

Clan Capital League is new trophy base system in the game so this might be the new but short period issue in the game. As you see on Twitter, the Clash of Clans Community manager “Darian Vorlick” mention that they are already aware of this bug in Coc and they have already working on this issue to fix it as soon as possible.

We’re aware of it and are currently looking for a fix to release.

Darian Vorlick official Statement


This is the whole issue running in the Clash of Clans Community. If your still facing this issue then please mention in Comment section. Also Make sure to keep eye on Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks to never miss Upcoming Clash of Clans Latest Updates. Untill then,

Clash On!

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