Brawl Stars Premier 2022 December Brawl Talk with Candyland, new Brawler, Omega Box and #byebyeboxes

Hello Lovely Brawlers, The December 2022 Brawl Talk is finally Premiering officially on YouTube Platform. The Brawl Stars Season 16 Update will be fully explained in this Brawl Talk video. It will cover all the details of the Brawl Stars Season 16 Full Updates, including adjustments to the game’s balance, the addition of new brawlers, and new skins for existing brawlers. The Omega Box explanation and #byebyeboxes topics will be among the highly anticipated subjects in this Brawl Talk.

Brawl Stars Premier 2022 December Brawl Talk

Brawl Stars Premier 2022 December Brawl Talk
Brawl Stars Premier 2022 December Brawl Talk

This is the official thumbnail for the December 2022 Brawl Talk Premier of Brawl Stars, and it contains a lot of hidden details. In this article, we’ll go over every one of the hidden sneak peeks in detail:


The Brawl Stars Season 16 will be a Candyland season. The Candyland is explicitly mentioned in the Brawl Talk premiere, indicating that it will unquestionably be the season 16 theme for Brawl Stars. I’m genuinely looking forward to playing Brawl Stars in Candyland, where each battleground will be encircled by candy, and  engaging in combat will have a unique effect on each player.

Three Brawlers

Three brawlers can be seen if viewing in thumbnail. I’m not entirely sure what the Three Brawlers refers to, as it could be either the introduction of Three New Brawlers or the addition of Three Brawlers Skin.

New Brawler

New Brawler
New Brawler

This is a completely different brawler from the ones we have, thus it makes me quite suspicious. This is indeed a new brawler, and Brawl Stars Season 16 will definitely feature its debut. The image has four legs, which is completely unusual and odd. To tell about this New Brawler, I am speechless!

Omega Box and #byebyeboxes

The most hype topics in Brawl Stars right now is Omega Box and farewell of other boxes with hashtag #byebyeboxes. This Brawl Talk will cover all the information related to New Omega Box and other boxes removal. The premiere video, which will be available on December 7th, 2022, will be 14 minutes and 35 seconds long.

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F.A.Q Section

When is the next Brawl Talk?

The next Braw Talk will available in 7th December 2022.

When is the Upcoming Brawl Talk?

The Upcoming Brawl Talk will available in 7th December 2022.

Where Can i watch the upcoming Brawl Talk?

You can Watch the Upcoming Brawl Talk from Official Brawl Stars YouTube Channel.

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