Brawl Stars introducing Omega Box and Removing other Boxes #byebyeboxes

Hello Brawl Stars Lover’s, Yah your hearing right, Brawl Stars introducing Omega Box and Removing other Boxes #byebyeboxes to balance the game. Brawl Stars has officially confirm this from their social media handles. Brawl Stars Community Manager Dani and Paula has confirm this news from Official YouTube handles. Its so sad to say #byebyeboxes but in the same time I’m excited to introduce brand new box which is called Brawl Stars Omega Box. Today we will be providing all the information related to Brawl Stars Omega Box and Removing other boxes in details:

Brawl Stars introducing Omega Box and Removing other Boxes #byebyeboxes

Brawl Stars Removing other Boxes #byebyeboxes

While in the Brawl Stars game, boxes were crucial. As far as we are aware, there are only three different types of boxes available in Brawl Stars: the Mega Box (Equivalent to opening 10 regular Brawl Boxes), the Big Box (Equivalent to opening 3 regular Brawl Boxes), and the Brawl Box. However, we are aware that the game was completely unbalanced, and players were frustrated when they couldn’t receive the desired brawler from the boxes. Additionally, the boxes used to provide brawler-type probabilities rather than the desired brawler, which the players prefer. All gamers found it to be utterly frustrating. Brawl Stars is currently deleting these three boxes from the game to put a stop to this frustration.

While saying Bye bye to these boxes is hard but to improve the game, it will definitely worth it to all.

Brawl Stars introducing Omega Box

This box which is called Omega Box will be the Official replacement for other box. This is the Omega Box where you can get the brawler which you want, its just the time which matter a lot to unlock the brawler from this Omega Box. More on, there is not much explained more about this Omega Box.


Take down 4 BILLION Brawlers together with the community to win the OMEGA BOX.

  • 500M – Mega Box
  • 1B – Omega Box Icon
  • 1.5B – Omega Box Spray
  • 2B – Omega Box Pin
  • 3B – Omega Box
  • 4B – Omega Box Darryl Skin

The community progress will be updated daily in the Brawl Stars news section!

This is the full details related to Brawl Stars introducing Omega Box and Removing other Boxes #byebyeboxes. Hope You enjoy reading our articles. Thank You!

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  1. Пожалуйста не убирайте боксы,а то мы поставим 2 звёзды у вас уже рэйтенг падает(

    • Нам очень жаль, но другие коробки, такие как Brawl Box, Big Box и Mega Box, убивают игру. Omega Box поможет вам разблокировать любого бойца. #byebyeboxes


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