Grab Free Brawl Stars Brawlidays Freebie Rewards

Hello Brawler’s, This month, Brawl Stars has introduced brand new Brawlidays Freebie Rewards. Brawlidays Freebie, as usual, was introduced on December 12th, 2022. This is an event where all brawlers could receive free in-game rewards by calming it through the Brawl Shop on a daily basis.

Brawl Stars Brawlidays Freebie

The Brawl Stars Brawlidays Freebie will be available on December 12th and will end on December 26th. It will last 14 days, and you will receive 14 new rewards from the Brawl Shop.

Brawl Stars Brawlidays Freebie Rewards List:

  • 12th December: New Spray Emotes
  • 13th December: 50x Chroma Credits
  • 14th December: Donut Pin
  • 15th December: 100x PowerPoints
  • 16th December: 1100x PowerPoints
  • 17th December: Santa Spray and Reindeer Spray
  • 18th December: 90x Credits
  • 19th December: Rainbow Pin
  • 20th December: 50x Chroma Credits
  • 21th December: Cupcake Pin
  • 22th December: 200x Coins
  • 23th December: Candy Profile Icon
  • 24th December: Classic Shelly
  • 25th December: Not Revealed
  • 26th December: Not Revealed

The Brawl Stars Brawlidays Freebie will run up to 26th December 2022. So make sure you have subscribe our website for more amazing contain. Until then Happy Brawling!

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