Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development

Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development
Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development

Hello Boom Beach Lover, Finally Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development. Boom Beach Frontlines will no longer be playable, you heard correctly. The fourth game from Supercell has Ended development. Supercell has discontinued Rush War, Everyday, and Clash Quest in addition to Boom Beach Frontlines. Saying goodbye to Boom Beach Frontlines was difficult but the reality is Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development. The following are the Official Boom Beach Frontlines Statements:

Boom Beach Frontlines Ending Development

Hello Commanders,

After a year full of epic battles in soft-launch, driving tanks through the islands and blowing up enemy outposts, we’ve made the difficult decision to end the development of Boom Beach: Frontlines.

We always set very high standards for our games at Space Ape, as our goal is to make the best games, played by many and enjoyed for years.

Even with all our efforts over the past year – introducing major features, redesigning progression, balancing the core gameplay, and much more – we felt that Boom Beach: Frontlines was still not reaching the expectations we had set for it.

We want to thank the community for all the incredible support and passion you have shown to Boom Beach: Frontlines. The ideas, suggestions, and feedback you shared on Discord, Twitter, YouTube and beyond have inspired us and allowed the team to make great improvements to the game. We would also like to thank our content creators who put massive efforts into bringing entertaining and insightful content to the Boom Beach: Frontlines community.

You have all been fantastic and we could not be more grateful and proud of everything we achieved together.

We plan to turn off the servers on Monday, January 16th 2023, so there is still time to jump into your 4×4 and drive to the frontlines for some more battles on the Boomuda Archipelago.

Over the coming weeks, here’s what will happen with Boom Beach: Frontlines:

  • November 28th – Shortly after this announcement, the game will go on a short maintenance break to disable in-game purchases and local notifications.
  • November 29th – The game will be de-listed from the Google Play Store, App Store and TestFlight to prevent new downloads. We will also close the sign-ups for the creator program and early access to the game.
  • December 1st – From Season 14 and onwards, the Premium Beach Pass will become free to claim from the Shop in-game, while the Big Beach Pass will cost 500 Gems*. The Beach Pass will also include a few unreleased Cards for you to enjoy: Cryo Sniper, Mega Drill and Monowheel.

*Note*: Early access players who have downloaded Boom Beach: Frontlines via TestFight will have the Beach Pass activated in their accounts shortly after the season starts. For this to happen, TesFlight users will need to login to the game before December 1st.*

  • January 16th, 2023 – Servers will be turned off and the game will shut down.

Transferring Your Gem Purchases

If you have made any in-game Gem purchases in Boom Beach: Frontlines and play any other Space Ape games, you can contact our Player Support team who can help you transfer those Gems over to another one of our games.

Note*: we can only transfer Gems to live games. This includes Beatstar, TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars, Rival Kingdoms: Ruination and Fastlane: Road to Revenge.*

To contact Player Support, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings tab in-game
  2. Click “Contact Us”
  3. Let us know what game you would like to transfer your Gems to.

Alternatively, you can reach us through our Support page or submit a request here.

As a last note, we also want to thank our friends at Supercell for trusting us with the Boom Beach brand and supporting our vision. While things turned out differently than we had hoped, our team will take the learnings from this experience and apply them to our other games and future projects.

Thank you all for playing, and we hope to see you on the next adventure!

– The Boom Beach: Frontlines Team

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Is Boom Beach Frontlines Shutdown?

Yes, Boom Beach Frontlines is now officially Shutdown.

When will Boom Beach Frontlines Shutdown?

From January 16th, 2023, Boom Beach Frontlines will no longer playable.

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