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Addition of Builder Hall 10 with New Troops and Defenses in Clash of Clans

Hello Clashes,

Finally the most awaited Clash of Clans Builder Hall 2.0 is out now with abandoned amount of patch note from Official Clash Team. Today we will be covering all the information contained in This Clash of Clans Builder Hall 2.0 with Brand new Builder Hall 10, New Defense and New Troops in the game.

Builder Hall 10

Finally the Most awaited update after new Town Hall was Builder Hall and with all crazy fan theories and excitement from crazy Clashes, Clash of clans has finally revealed the brand new Builder Hall 10 in the game.

The newest addition to Builder Base, Builder Hall level 10 gives you new content to upgrade when the update is released. Upgrading to Builder Hall level 10 not only gives you a new, cool looking upgrade but allows you to upgrade your Defenses to level 10, unlocks a brand new Defense, and a brand new Troop when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12: Electrofire Wizard!

Builder Hall 10 Stats

New Defense: X-Bow

X-Bow is unlocked once you upgrade to Builder Hall 10 and is similar to X-Bow in your Home Village. X-Bow can be switched between 2 modes. One mode allows for targeting only ground Troops. The alternate mode allows you to only target air Troops.

New Troop: Electrofire Wizard

Many Builder Base Troops now have cool new abilities that can be passively or actively used in the heat of battle, including Troops that have modes you can alternate between to give you greater tactical flexibility. No Builder Base Troop exemplifies this new ability more than Electrofire Wizard…or at least that’s what his self-assured ego will tell you.

Electrofire Wizard unlocks at Builder Hall 10 when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12, and brings the heat and the lightning to the battlefield. He is a proverbial glass cannon with low hit points but deals high damage. As a master of both Inferno and Electro Magics, he is able to toggle back and forth between two different modes of attack.

Electrofire Wizard always deploys with Inferno Mode as the default attack. You can switch between each mode by tapping on his image on the Troop Bar.

Electrofire Wizard Stats

With the Builder Base update arriving soon, Clash Team clearly mention that they can’t wait to see what new strategies will emerge! Make sure you keep an eye out for the full patch notes when the update is released and also have an extra special Clash On! Developer Video where members of the Clash of Clans game team pull back the curtain and share some never before seen insights into how we developed the new Builder Base! Clash On!

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